What is ‘Strictly Boaters’? Simply put, it is a different approach to getting boats and boating related products & services in front of actual customers. The Show is designed to give the serious boater an exclusive place to view boats, products and services without the trappings and inconveniences of traditional shows. Moreover, the show layout has been designed to encourage sea-trials.
What Strictly Boaters isn’t. It is not all of those things that we dislike about traditional boat shows such as heavy expense, carnival atmospheres, lack of qualified prospects, and a non-boating tourist gate. We seek to omit these factors from the Strictly Boaters experience.
Who typically exhibits? Boating related businesses that target experienced, affluent members of the boating public.
Where is it? Strictly Boaters will be held at the South Jersey Marina in Cape May, NJ. The Marina sits on State Highway 109 at the entryway to the historic town of Cape May. It is a small but accommodating facility that is ideal for this type of show. There will be approx. 60 in-water spaces available and approximately 15,000 sq. feet of land display space.
Why Strictly Boaters at South Jersey Marina? This is an inexpensive show that focuses on the sale of boats and related equipment and services instead of ticket sales.  With numerous manufacturers, dealers and related boating businesses throughout our region, South Jersey Marina is the heart of boating in the Mid-Atlantic region. Literally, thousands of serious, mid-level and above, affluent, boaters live in the region and actively participate in boating activities along our coast, harbors and bays. Strictly Boaters allows us to join together and promote our products in an objective forum to those who are truly interested in them and have the financial resources to purchase them.
What makes this show different from all the other boat shows? After going to hundreds of traditional boat shows over the years and talking to our business partners and competitors, many of us have come to a business conclusion that the expense, the trials and tribulations, and the wear and tear on our products and sales personnel is getting out of control. Quite frankly, like so many others in the boat selling business, we concluded that what was needed was a boat show that focused on true boat buyers with an increased emphasis on sea-trials.
South Jersey Marina is home to South Jersey Yacht Sales. Is this show going to be dominated by them? No more than any other dealer or exhibitor. South Jersey Yacht Sales has requested space and will exhibit boats, but everyone will be treated equally.  It will be first come – first serve on space and everyone will have equal opportunities for signing, advertising, etc. We feel that if we all work together, we can produce an annual event, at a reasonable price that will move product.
When is it? The show will take place April 29 - May 1, 2016. The Show will be open from 10am to 4 pm each day. Access to the show area before and after the set hours will be at the discretion of each participating dealer/manufacturer.
Will there be land and in-water display areas? Yes, both land and water displays are available. Many if not all of the in-water spaces allow for sea-trials at dealer’s discretion. Land spaces will be reserved for trailered boats and other related exhibitors either in bulk or booth configuration. There will be no ‘marine mart’ type vendors permitted in this show.
Who will be the targeted attendees? Members of the boating public who have already discovered boating. The target market is affluent, informed and invested in their passion.
How will the show be marketed? Through regional boating publications in the form of advertisements and press releases. Commercially available mailing lists will also be utilized. In addition, South Jersey direct-mails every yacht sales, tournament and marina customer and invites them to attend. Exhibitors are encouraged to contact their own customers and invite them to attend this unique event. Each exhibitor will be given ample free passes to distribute as they see fit and passes will be made available to select outlets that we believe will reach our target market.
Will there be a gate fee? There is a $15.00 security fee for the non-boating public. Ample complimentary passes are available from exhibiting dealers for all actual boaters. Remember, this is a small show by design that is not geared for everyone, and although all are welcome, this show will not be marketed to the general public.
What is the cost? The cost to exhibit a vessel in ‘Strictly Boaters’ is approximately one-third the cost of traditional in-water boat shows, or about $2500 per vessel exhibited in the water. A fee schedule is located in the Show Kit. Exhibitor fees are used for advertising, space and equipment rental, security, staffing, printing costs, etc.
If you are interested in exhibiting your products or services at ‘Strictly Boaters’, please contact Mark Allen, Show Manager at 609-898-9500 or email him at mallen@strictlyboaters.com.
*Strictly Boaters is not affiliated with any trade, commerce or business associations.

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