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2014 Wrap Up

At the conclusion of the Strictly Boaters Show we usually post a Wrap-Up Press Release to the website, but when I saw the article that ran in Friday’s Asbury Park Press, in the Hook-Line and Sinker section, I realized there was nothing more I could add. In case you missed the article, I’ve attached it hereto. Many thanks to John and Hank of the Press.

I tried to thank as many people personally as I could, but that is an impossible task. From boat exhibitors, on-land exhibitors, sponsors, our press partners, suppliers and folks within our own company, Mike and Sam… so many people played a part in making the Strictly Boaters Boat Show the success it has been since its inception in 2009.

Of course a special thank you goes out to Doug Campbell for joining us on Friday to discuss the loss of the Bounty during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Going forward, some of you have given me some great ideas how we can fine-tune OUR boat show. Keep the ideas coming, have a great season, and give some serious thought to fishing with us this summer.

All the best, Mark

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STRICTLY BOATERS BOAT SHOW, May 2,3,4 2014… What’s so special about this year’s boat show!

The docks are freshly pressure washed, the Saltwater Cafe is open for business, and Fathoms has been restocked….South Jersey Marina is ready for the Strictly Boaters Boat Show! Most of the slips on B-Dock, and all of the Transient and Rail Dock have been spoken for, but there are still slips and space if you want to get on board. Or if you have a trade or brokerage, we have room for you too! Call us.

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Free Tickets to Strictly Boaters!

As part of Strictly Boaters' commitment to being an event that is by Boaters and for Boaters, the exhibitors are offering two FREE tickets to everyone holding either a New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate or Seatow Membership Card. Just complete this form and we will E Mail a pass for you to turn in at the entry gate (be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive a response). If you need more than one pass for 2, contact a Participating Dealer. Otherwise the tickets are $15.00 at the gate.
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Year 6 for the Strictly Boater's Boat Show

“The New and Different Kind of Boat Show”

   In 2009, South Jersey launched a new boat show specifically designed to appeal to the serious boat buyer. Unlike conventional, boat shows, Strictly Boaters is not designed to attract the casual, non-boating public. Rather, this Show’s marketing plan targets those events, publications, stores and venues frequented by people who love boats, water and fishing.

   As its name applies, Strictly Boaters features regional boat manufacturers, dealers and companies that furnish products and services used by New Jersey’s boaters. Historically, over 50 manufacturers, dealers, suppliers have exhibited at the show.

   The show’s success is most clearly demonstrated by its growth, and sustainability. Launched during the worst recession since the Great Depression, Strictly Boaters now enters its 6th year, and most exhibitors have been with us since the beginning.

   The particulars: This is a three-day show, Friday through Sunday, May 2, 3 & 4, from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. located at South Jersey Marina in Cape May, New Jersey.


For more information contact the Show Manager:
Mark Allen

South Jersey Marina
1231 U.S. Highway 109
Cape May, NJ 08024


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"I'll Take the Same Space Next Year?"

Strictly Boaters Boat Show, 2013
May 3, 4 & 5th, 2013

“New Jersey’s True In-Water Boat Show”

   That was the comment heard several times on Sunday as boat dealers began packing up and moving their boats out of South Jersey Marina at the conclusion of the 2013 Strictly Boaters Boat Show. The fact that dealers are already looking forward to the 2014 show portends well for both the show and the future of boating in New Jersey.

   This year’s show was easily the largest to date with 14 different dealers exhibiting 45 boats in the water and an additional 35 vessels on land. 26 “on-land” vendors displayed a wide array of boating related products, services and components in tents which defined the perimeter of the show.

   Despite a consistent stiff “breeze” out of the northeast, the 2013 Strictly Boaters Boat Show drew record crowds, and if early indications are confirmed, record sales. According to the dealers, one thing is for certain… the people who attended this year’s show were indeed, Strictly Boaters!

   The show organizers thank all the dealers, manufacturers, vendors and boating groups who participated in the show as well as those members of the boating public who came out and made it a success. We especially want to once again thank our show partner, Sea Tow of Cape May for their consistent and valued support. We’ll see you next May 2, 3 & 4.